Keil Privratnik

Reserved giant of a scholar, assumed to be a warmongerer for his heritage


We were smuggled into the country without papers, and given work. We quickly fell into debt, were separated, introduced to mentha, though I’m allergic so I didn’t stay on it.

He was injured, and after he was separated from the rest of us, things got pretty bleak, much harsher. When they saw that I wasn’t reacting the same way as the others they started pushing me harder. I’ve had terrible nightmares starting when I lost the zaychiks, um, when I couldn’t get milk. breath a friend tried to wake me so I wouldn’t get in trouble and… I tried to strangle him in my sleep. The handprints showed next morning, and they shipped me off to be trained with the eunuchs. Um.

I was trained to work as a steward of sorts. Eventually ended up in a harem in Daria. Eighteen women is a lot _

Made some good friends there though, made some contacts that helped later. Once I had proven myself a good steward there I was shipped to another one in the old country. I… Try not to think about that too much. Eventually I stowed away on a ship bound for Lothaire, and moved from there to the colonies. My eyesight had gone downhill by then, and I was lost. Anatole found me and basically adopted me :-]

After nursing me back to health I learned that they’d discovered I was a Gatekeeper, and was encouraged to return to my duties. I…ran. I contacted them again once I’d set up a safe place in a valley not far from a world door.

*head lowers a little, humble, bit of shame

I tried at that point to get back to my duties, but….o.< I can barely manage to have the occasional refugee come through my home, let alone actively seeking to guide them

And while I can’t keep from standing guard, I am incapable of going after those who misuse the doors.

Keil Privratnik

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