Nuriel Ganathair

Soft spoken, controlled fire in his veins


Name meaning: Fire, bright sea (Hebrew for the first, second as an Irish derivative of Muirgel)
Estranged from his family because of his religious beliefs.

Low energy, soft, quiet, gentle, doesn’t mind admitting fault
He has trouble remembering ages and similar details (dates, etc) but is otherwise of sound mind.
Quiet sense of humor
Very fond of horses
Does not take unnecessary risks
Doesn’t love hot drinks
Those with a desire to serve their country and who emphasize the importance of family spark his attention.
He seeks youth to encourage to build up and find their potential
He believes you should encourage your people to think for themselves and seek to better things instead of relying so heavily on the shoulders of the nobility.
He has a bit of a strong negative reaction to the word ambition being applied to him.
His greatest desire is that each member of his family would become part of his religion-got him to lower his eyes to hide the intensity.
Once having made a decision, very quietly intense and focused, burning energy.

“We seek alliances with those who show character, which you have done more than once in this meeting. Trade, military, whatever details make for solid advantages for both parties
very professional, still quiet and methodical, but with that deep intensity and flame
We see it in our best advantage to ally with those we believe we might trust and respect.”


Very dominating micromanaging king-father, Anraí (AWN-ray, Home-ruler) of House Gréagóir (GRAY-gor, watchful, alert, watchman).
Estranged from his family after his grandparents moved and his mother died when he was sixteen, though he did not leave until a few years later when his father insisted he recant his beliefs or be exiled.
He has an older sister who used to be very quiet and shy
Younger brother, Mícheál (MEE-hawl, means ’who is like God- his mother named him) he calls Meel for short. Meel was forced into a betrothal but chose not to rebel against it because Nuriel had already stirred up a good deal of trouble in the family recently. Meel is an ambassador to Aelfheim.

Married for seventeen years before his death to House Mother Llucia
Laia is his eldest, fourteen at the time- she was very excited to count down to the age.
He has two much younger sons, Finton (White fire) and Fergal (Man of Valour)
He smiles more than most my charries

Nuriel Ganathair

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