Senyora Llucía Caterína i Manél de Pálomar

The House Mother works within the law to make the world better


Name meaning- Light
Motivation- The Light
True name- means seer or light bringer?
Gft- Seeress
Icon- a braided hair armband from Nuriel
Type: 4/1?
House: Casa de Palomar

Inherited her position from her grandfather, came across from the Old Country for religious freedom. Proper, fair, just, sees things n black and white, but has a great deal of compassion for others. Works to be impartial.

Grandfather-Ferran (Ferdinand-Brave, daring, Journey)
Grandmother-Estel (Esther- Star, light)
Father-Manel (God with us)
Mother-Caterina (Pure)
Older twin brother Llorenç (Laurel)
Younger brother- Raimon (Wise protector)
Younger sister- Mercé (Mercy)
Youngest sister Marta (Lady)


Senyora Llucía Caterína i Manél de Pálomar

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