Galawen Lamar

Don't let her soft, gentle nature make you underestimate her intelligence or how far she'd go if crossed.



6.5 years/13 turns (10)
Wynd is made house lord with a regent?

7.5 years/15 turns (11)
Llucia is about to step back from being regent and allow Wynd to rule with her as one of several advisors. Technically would be coming of age if she were full blooded elvish, but still has the body of a child, hasn’t hit puberty yet- looks less intelligent in comparison to Wynd, is a bit insecure about this, but mostly content. Loses family, becomes a refugee, goes from happy, active, a little irresponsible to acting closer to 8-9 yo (Wynd was receiving rite of passage when the attack came?-considered a man. Satone related a little better to El’s pacing, particularly since he was in his twenties before he came of age)

8 years/16 turns (12)
A little less than 6 months later falls in with Rex, learns to lie to protect herself and Wynd, focus is on making him happy by not worrying- definitely letting him take the lead. Raven meets Wynd, gives a couple of tips-they don’t know he’s Raven. Wynd insists that she practices reading- gets her to start teaching Isak- and Karai? El was very close to Ahadi and Kijani in particular, devastated at their loss. Ahadi was her first crush-taught her Swahili, called her Mkaidi Mtoto (stubborn child) when she’d resist Wynd’s being in charge- eventually as more of a tease alongside suggesting she’s tired- probably Ahadi’s gift. Worried about Kijani cause he’s sick. Teases Karai too, for being so cautious. /Hates/ that she has to keep secrets to stay safe, but tries to keep them anyway. Starts learning how to do cons and stealing, Wynd interferes, goes with Stefan because he promises El won’t have to work. Karai tried to keep them away at first, said it was dangerous enough for him to be friends with Ahadi, but that they were rising themselves needlessly. Then the bigers tried to send El out to work a con and Karai rescued her and realized it was safer with them.

8.5 years/17 turns (13) MASKS:
Stefan takes them in, and uses his knowledge of Silver Shield/Lars to place Elwynd in the finishing school. (He hires Raven for something, is having Wynd start to make forgeries-Raven gives tips again? Stefan sends Wynd on the mission with R, gives an opportunity for the discussion from the rp with Bardrik.) El’s lying gets more compulsive, is accused of this, Wynd is defensive. She also starts stealing on a more regular basis to test her limits-behind Wynd’s back of course. Will stand up for someone in need- Ahadi taught her how to do back massages- something she does for Kijani after his dad dies. Meets a soldier, possibly a mirk soldier undercover and decides she wants to be one when she grows up. If this is the case, the soldier knows she’s messing around and accepts her anyway- doesn’t chew her out or encourage it-tells her that right now it’s understandable to lie to stay safe but that she can’t stay that way once she’s safe- encourages honesty and honor. (rp with Kivuli, Mica, Rhiannon, Gyazi and Jin’lor)

9 years/18-19 turns (13-14)
Enjoying school and friends but missing family, does her own thing. More trouble initially with stealing and lying, /loves/ exploring. Learns French better than Wynd. Girl she started to get close to moves- more interested in making friends in the community. Is learning how to be her own person away rom Wynd, much more independent.

Galawen Lamar

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